Sheikha Majda Al Sabah talking about supporting people with mental health concerns, and about destigmatizing mental health

Thank you to “Lammtara Studio” Dubai for producing Sheikha Majda’s video.
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We believe that no one is immune to changes of mood, obsessions, fears or mental health issues and that all human beings should have access to a platform that provides information, support and resources to overcome their challenges, reach their potential and achieve a holistic well-being. With Houna you are not alone!!

Our mission is to be the oasis of knowledge, support, guidance and engagement for people dealing with challenges and mental health issues. Houna is anchored around the values of inclusiveness, respect, confidentiality, credibility, ethical compliance, integrity, and treating people equally.


Read about a variety of mental health topics, and learn how to enhance your life and wellness


We provide you with the resources that will support you in your journey.
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Podcast and Webinar
The Chronicles of Autism Moms

This Life: The Chronicles of Autism Moms is an exciting and witty podcast documenting the 10 year journey and beyond of a vibrant international group of mothers of individuals on the Autism spectrum.

Podcast and Webinar
Tuhoon - Amaal Al Sayer

Amaal Al Sayer

Podcast and Webinar
What happens in a psychotherapy session? And how does the specialist think? | Moraba'a Podcast

Dr. Arwa Arab

Podcast and Webinar
The importance of mental health with Dr. Mohammad Al-Suwaidan | Finjan podcast

الدكتور محمد السويدان، أستاذ مساعد في قسم الطب النفسي في جامعة الكويت، ورئيس وحدة الصحة النفسية في مستشفى مبارك الكبير.

Podcast and Webinar
National Health and Life Stress Survey | Dr. Yasmine Al-Tuwaijri

How to deal with the pressures, difficulties and experiences that we go through in daily life


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Houna is a platform open to everyone seeking information support and guidance. A small token membership fee is levied on those members who want to have futrher bespoke sessions and guidance. Our ecommerce store offers products that are bespoke to Houna and help us in sustaining Houna’s development, growth and operations.

The brainchild of Sheikha Majda Al Sabah, Houna, a non-profit initiative, is a haven for people seeking support, knowledge, and resources around mental health in the Arab world.

The platform provides

  • An information bank with information around mental health issues and disorders, treatments, and alternative therapies.
  • List of licensed therapists or centres that we would connect to our members and audience.
  • Podcasts, webinars, motivational videos to increase awareness and support.
  • Support and chat groups based on relevant themes.
  • Alternative therapy and well-being centres to enhance the well-being journey.
  • Events to destigmatize mental health and raise awareness.

Please check the “Get Involved” section of our platform to find in-detail requirements of how to be a part of the Houna initiative.

Houna considers the privacy and confidentiality of its users to be of utmost importance. We take several steps to ensure the safeguarding of all information provided under the best privacy protection protocols. Our servers are distributed along AWS Data Centres for best security and protection. We do not require any identifying information to use on our platform and we do not release records to a third party. Any user activity data that is taken is used solely to enhance user experience and targeted content

Houna is for everyone! Whether you are looking for treatment, seeking or are a professional in the field, interested in research, support groups, or active participation, Houna is the platform for you. As a companion application, Houna can provide day-to-day content and respite from everyday life, and can be there with you every step of the journey.

We go into great lengths to ensure the credibility of our trusted partners. We habe a robust due diligence process and ask all our partners to share their qualifications and licensing, as well as their professional experience before they are considered as a trusted partner of Houna.

Please check the “Get Involved” section of our platform to find in-detail requirements of how to be a part of the Houna initiative.

Funding for Houna comes in the way of sponsorships from our partners, token membership fees, and through the sale of items in our e-commerce store with Houna merchandise.

Please check the “Get Involved” section of our platform to find in-detail requirements of how to be a part of the Houna initiative.