A Supporting, volunteering Team and under the umbrella of National Center for Mental Health Promotion
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Al Hofouf, Alhasa, Eastern Providence


Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Sociology, and Community Service. 
We care about the person as a whole. We offer a number of awareness-raising workshops and training courses in the field of education, psychology and sociology for specialists, beneficiaries, and those interested in mental health.
In addition to providing lectures and training courses specialized in dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and people who have been subjected to psychological trauma, including physical, moral, sexual, or accidents

Our Objectives:
1. Spreading psychological, social and educational awareness in the community to be a psychologically, socially and educationally fit society capable of facing the challenges of life and coexistence
2. Reducing the impact of psychological problems on the quality of life of the individual and society
3. Reducing the economic costs to society through the application of effective low-cost treatments 
4. Reducing the gap between the number of people who need health care and the number of people receiving health care, by training professionals such as doctors/Female doctors, nurses, Red Cross, social workers, counsellors, teachers, student advisors or volunteers and disaster volunteers.s

Psychology, Clinical psychology, Neuropsychology, Sociology, Social work, and Health and Mental Health

Psychoeducational webinars, workshops, and training in trauma and creating manuals and books in Arabic


Norah Fahad Aldawsari

Founder and CEO, Clinical Psychologist
The founder and CEO of the Nafs initiative Team
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Nada Ahmed Al-Mahdi

Clinical Psychologist
Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology, College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences - Prin...
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Hadeel Binammar

Clinical Psychologist
Hadeel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic Un...
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Rawan Saiyer Almutairi

Psychologist & Graphic Designer
A licensed health practitioner from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties with A Bachelor’s...
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Manal Ibrahim Alqassem

Clinical Psychologist
Earned a master’s degree in Health Education and Promotion from Saint Joseph University, USA.&...
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Majd Abdulrahman Alnasser

Clinical Psychologist
Earned a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.  Works as a psychologist in King A...
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Reem Abdullatif Alarfaj

Social and behavioral psychologist. British Board-certified trainer in self-development and behavio...
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Alia Ayed Al-Qahtani

Has a license as a health practitioner from the Commission for Health Specialties in Saudi Arabia.
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Fatima Ibrahim Saleh Al-Mahabd

Special education and the psychological and educational aspects of people with special needs.
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