REACH Education

An educational center to guide students, teachers and parents. If you are facing educational or behavioral challenges
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Block 9 Salmiya building 1 floor 1 aprt #111, Kuwait


We are a positive team that works persistently on guiding children, parents, and teachers through different methods of coaching and counseling towards reaching their potential. We deal with all ages but our main focus is on students who face behavioral and educational challenges.

We provide educational support to each individual based on their needs. We believe that we are all unique individuals with unique ways of learning. We do this by creating a developmental plan that is specifically tailored for each client.

Our Mission is to guide you with our educational coaching and bilingual counseling. Whether you are a student, teacher, or parent, Reach can help you. We also work on building your child’s character to aid them in achieving their goals.

We don’t just help raise grades; we influence in a way that will help you and your child for a life time. We also help students make the most of their educational experience.