Sulwan Psychiatric Center

Sulwan is a psychiatric Hospital, specialized in treating all mental disorders according to the most recent treatment methods which are internationally recognized. We are offering martial, familial, occupational and forensic consultation; child and adolescent problems management, and Psychotherapy sessions for all age groups in a high professionalism
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Road 5764, Building 2797 Block 457, Entrance 2797 Bu Quwah، 973


We invest all our potentials and energies to be a safe bridge  to help patients in crossing to life, and we seek to be one of the best centers, specialized in psychiatry in the kingdom of Bahrain, and to actively participate in improving the psychiatric services standard, offered over here

Treatment of patients with the highest level of professionalism, and harnessing and investing the experiences of the best qualified medical staff to achieve the best therapeutic results, through the implementation of treatment plans and psychological tests which are adopted internationally and commensurate with our Gulf and Arab society.  We are also keen to cooperate with governmental and private psychiatric institutions to serve the interests of citizens and society