The Balance Center for Psychological Therapy and Counseling

Saudi Arabia
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Um Hablain, Sultan City، Jeddah 23648, Saudi Arabia


The Balance Center for Psychological Therapy and Counseling in Jeddah is one of the first international quality centers specialized in counseling and guidance for mental health. It is also the first specialized center for treatment and self-development through horses for individuals, groups and various sectors (business companies, the education sector, the health sector, non-profit associations), people with special needs and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Balance Center is proud to have a staff of certified therapists from international organizations for psychotherapy and horse counseling, in addition to trained horses to design programs that meet the demands and needs of our clients, whether you personally, or a member of your family, suffers from trauma, difficulties or social challenges in your life, or perhaps not. Know what kind of help you need and what is the right path for your life; From counseling and personal guidance services to leadership programs, we have the skills and resources to help you and meet your needs to overcome your personal challenges. Contact us today to arrange a personal counseling session and let us choose the right program for you.