Shaikha Majda Al Sabah


Founder, philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and an advocate for mental health and well-being.

Sheikha Majda Jaber Humoud Al-Sabah, is a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and an advocate for mental health and well-being.
Her vision is “a world where boundaries are shattered, differences are embraced, human values are honoured, and success is measured by positive contributions to humankind.”

In 2007, she saw a need to build an environmentally friendly brand that provides clean beauty products in the Arab region, and hence started her journey in the beauty sector. “ASAP” delivers a full range of ethical and natural beauty care solutions that enhance well-being, while creating a positive impact within society.
In line with her personal mission “to help people achieve holistic wellbeing by advocating for mental and physical health and promoting successful businesses that embrace social responsibility”, she dedicated a portion of ASAP’s profit to the creation of the ASAP Initiative, that promotes mental health and wellness.

Since then, Sheikha Majda has been openly and candidly speaking about her own personal journey and challenges and became an advocate for
raising awareness and destigmatizing mental health.
In 2019, and following her belief that no one is immune to changes of mood, obsessions, fears, or mental health issues, and that everyone should have access to information, support and resources to overcome their challenges, Sheikha Majda decided that she needed to go beyond her role of being a voice of change to proactively offering access to 

She created “Houna” a platform for mental health, to be the oasis of knowledge, support, and engagement, and a haven of information for people dealing with mental health issues and challenges