Dr. Abdelaziz Abal


Educational consultant at Reach Education (Kuwait).

Children & Adolescents
English & Arabic

I'm currently an educational consultant at Reach Education (Kuwait). I’m also a student motivator, a teacher trainer and the founder of Reach Education Center where I guide students, parents, and teachers through their educational, parenting, and learning journeys. I have conducted numerous workshops and courses in different countries that have helped parents, teachers, and students in achieving their full potential. My talks tend to be highly engaging and have a high effectiveness rate. I consider myself a student advocate and I strive to enhance the teaching methodologies used in schools and to improve an educational system that is typically not student-oriented. I am active through my Instagram account (@dr.abal) where many tips can be found for students, parents, and teachers. I recently established 2 high standard preschools. Reach Nursery (Bahrain), and Heroes Academy (Kuwait).