Ahmad Ali Alrababah

Occupational Therapist
Ahmad Ali Alrababah is a Jordanian Occupational Therapist, graduated from  Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2019.
United Arab Emirates
English & Arabic
over 3 years
Children, Adolescents & Adults

Ahmad Ali Alrababah is a Jordanian Occupational Therapist graduated from  Jordan university of science and technology in 2019 

Ahmad has 3 years of experience in pediatric (autism, down syndrome, child with sensory problems, ADHD and learning difficulty) and geriatric (CVA and spinal cord injury) in Jordan and UAE.

He is an active member of Jordanian society of occupational therapist since 2017. Practicing the profession from Ministry of Health in Jordan from 2019 and DHA from November 2021.



Learning difficulty

Mental retardation ​

Down Syndrome ​

Erb's palsy

Cognitive and memory issues ​

Hip & Knee replacement



Spinal cord injury