Carol Souki, BMT

Music Therapist
Carol Souki is a Music Therapist and Singer-Songwriter of Venezuelan Lebanese descent
Children & Adults

Carol Souki is a Music Therapist and Singer-Songwriter of Venezuelan Lebanese descent. She graduated from Berklee College of Music where she attained her Bachelors degree in Music Therapy and Vocal performance. She has worked and volunteered in various Educational, Hospitalization, Rehabilitation, and Orphanage institutions in the U.S.A, Lebanon, Kuwait, Japan, and Venezuela.

Music therapy is administered to children and adults with special needs, orphans, psychiatric patients, elderly patients with Alzheimers, and victims of trauma and abuse. Carol utilizes live and recorded music to assist and develop a patient’s cognitive, communication, physical, and emotional needs. Music therapy sessions are based on the musical and artistic interests of the patient given a variety of music instruments, sensory props, and educational tools that he/she can explore within the session through improvised music playing, sing along, movement, pretend play, relaxation, and guided imagery activities in a group or individualized settings. Patients are not required to have any musical background to receive Music therapy. The power of music is that it engages and improves brain function and attention, reduces stress, improves language and social skills, increases movement , and enhances self esteem in a non invasive, recreational and rewarding environment. Music therapy can be given hand in hand with Speech, Occupational, and Physio therapies to further assist and improve a patients’ needs.

Carol has performed along side various international world known artists such as, Michel Fadel, Zade Durani, Rosa Pasos, Gloria Estefan, Phillip Bailey (Earth Wind and Fire), and opened up for Sal Houdini, Rami Ayach, Wael Kfouri, Daffy and Flipperachi, and Miami Band from Kuwait for private and charity events within the region.

Carol Souki believes that music is a healing tool hence why she persues her musical journeys through her own music, as well as providing Music Therapy to enhance the overall well being of children and adults.