Grief and Loss Workshop (Session 1 and 2)

01/08/2023, 19:00 pm

The "Nafs" initiative is one of the volunteer initiatives that has taken on the task of building mentally, socially, and educationally competent Arab communities since its launch in 2020. This is accomplished through organizing various activities with trustworthy scientific content in different fields, such as education, psychology, and sociology, for specialists, beneficiaries, and those interested in these fields. The initiative focuses primarily on the individual - as the foundation of society and its first building block - recalling the Qur'anic verse "whoever saves one life - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely" (Surah Al-Ma'idah: verse 32), from which it derives its name "Nafs" (meaning "self" in Arabic).

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This group aims to address the problems of grief and loss and provide support to participants by sharing experiences between them, learning from others, and providing means to deal with the problem in a healthy way to achieve a balanced level of mental health.

The Grief and Loss Workshop is designed to provide a safe space for individuals who have experienced loss to come together and explore their feelings, emotions, and thoughts surrounding grief. The workshop will be split into two sessions, each lasting 1-2 hours.

Link to the workshop booklet

Session One:

Session Two:

The links shared by Ms. Norah during the workshop

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