Stress Less, Live More: Understanding and Identifying Stress

27/08/2023, 19:00 pm

The stress management program includes four one-hour workshops that provide strategies for managing stress. Participants learn how to identify sources of stress, cope with stress using relaxation techniques, improve well-being through lifestyle changes, and sustain stress management strategies. By the end of the program, participants will have developed a personalized toolkit of coping mechanisms to manage stress and maintain balance in their lives.

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Below is the video and resources to both sessions


Emotion Wheel

How to practice Mindfulness Meditation

Deep Breathing Worksheet

100 coping strategies

20 Minute Life Checkup Worksheet


Workshop 1: Stress 101 - Understanding and Identifying Stress 

In this workshop, participants will learn about what stress is, the different types of stress, and how to identify sources of stress in their lives. Through engaging activities and discussion, participants will gain a better understanding of how stress affects them and develop skills for managing it effectively. 


This workshop includes 3 main topics : 

- "The Stress Test: How to Outsmart Stress and Come Out On Top": Participants will learn about a practical stress test to assess their stress levels and how to manage stress to overcome it.

- "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: Because Bigger Problems Await": Participants will learn how to differentiate between small and big problems and the importance of not getting overwhelmed by small issues.

- "Stress-o-Meter: How to Avoid Overload and Stay in the Green Zone": Participants will learn about a stress-o-meter tool to assess their stress levels and strategies to stay in the green zone.


Workshop 2: Coping Mechanisms - Strategies for Managing Stress  

In this workshop, participants will explore different coping mechanisms for managing stress, including relaxation techniques, cognitive-behavioral strategies, and exercise. Through interactive activities, participants will develop a personalized toolkit of coping mechanisms that work best for them. 


This workshop includes 2 main topics : 

"The Calm Down: From Chaos to Serenity in 60 Seconds": Participants will learn about quick relaxation techniques to calm down in 60 seconds or less.

"Mind Over Matter: How to Train Your Brain to Crush Stress": Participants will learn about cognitive-behavioral strategies to change their thinking patterns to cope with stress effectively.


Lifestyle Changes - Improving Your Overall Well-Being 

In this workshop, participants will learn how lifestyle changes, such as nutrition, sleep, and leisure activities, can improve their overall well-being and reduce stress. Through interactive activities, participants will gain a better understanding of how their lifestyle choices impact their stress levels and develop strategies for making positive changes. 


We only collect the information you choose to give to us and process it with your consent, your privacy is protected. We are, however, not liable for any information shared with other group individuals. You must take the appropriate steps to protect your personal information. It is important to note that confidentiality limits the disclosure of personal identification and/or information revealed in any support group meeting or activity. 

Support Group Code of Conduct: 

Everything discussed in the group is confidential. 

Individual identifying information is not shared outside the group. 

Group members are encouraged to share their skills, insights, strengths and hopes, and to recognize that all participants speak from similar personal experience and background. 

Individual health professionals should not be named/identified. 

Group members are respectful of each other’s feelings, views, and concerns at all times. 

Group members are respectful of everyone’s right to participate equally in the discussion or not to participate, if that is their wish. 

Group members are always courteous to each other. 

This includes not interrupting or talking while someone else is talking and listening attentively when another person is speaking. 

Group members are responsible for their own wellbeing and are encouraged to look after themselves and seek support if they are upset before, during or after group.


Cancelations & Terminations: 

Group members who wish to cancel their participation in the before or during the sessions are recommended to do so up to a week before the first session. Or any subsequent session. This is to allow for other participants to join and receive the benefits of the sessions.

Group members must respond attendance verification emails to confirm their attendance. This is to ensure that all Support Groups are at capacity to guarantee participants receive the full benefits of the sessions. 

Group members who do not respond to verification emails to confirm attendance up to 24 hours before the first session will be terminated from the session. 

Group members who are found to be in violation of the Houna Support Group Code of Conduct will be automatically terminated from the group. 

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