Nawfal Clinics

NAWFAL CLINICS is a private practice in mental health comprising a comprehensive team of professionals from different specialties. Our philosophy is to help individuals struggling with emotional, psychological and behavioral problems from a humanistic multidimensional approach.
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Beirut, Sodeco Square Block B, 8th Floor


At NAWFAL CLINICS, our services include customized treatment plans. We offer a full range of psychological tests and assessment tools for children and adolescents who struggle with academic difficulties in order to reach the most accurate diagnosis.

We receive and treat clients and patients irrespective of their gender, nationality, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.


Psychological Testing
Neuropsychological Testing
Kids with Special Needs
Psychomotor Therapy 
School Counseling
Couples Counseling
Learning Disabilities
Speech and Language Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorder



Dr. Michel Nawfal, MD MA

Medical Doctor & Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Michel Nawfal is a Mental Health Professional. He’s a Medical Doctor and Licensed Clinical...
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Marie Ghanem, MA

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Marie is a licensed clinical psychologist. She is a couples and family therapist.
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Mireille Geahchan, MA

Adult Clinical Psychologist
Mireille Geahchan is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. She earned a Bachelor and a Master...
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Mary Jabbour, MSc TD

School Counselor and Special Educator
Mary Jabbour is a Special Educator (Special Ed.) specialized in children, adolescents and young adul...
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Maria Jabbour, MA

Child & Adolescent Licensed Psychologist
Maria Jabbour is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in children, adole...
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Dr. Michael Khoury, MD MA

Family and Couples Therapist
Dr. Michael Khoury has his educational background in Biology, Medicine, Clinical Psychology, and Psy...
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Rebecca Spanioli, MA

Child & Adolescent Psychologist
Rebecca is a child and adolescent psychologist. She graduated from the Lebanese University with a Ma...
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Estefania Hanna, MA

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Estefania Hanna is a licensed adult clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.
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Rachelle Bardawil, MA

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Ms. Rachelle Bardawil is a licensed clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist with an experience o...
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Dr. Christina Aramouny, MD

Dr. Christina Aramouny is a Psychiatrist who graduated from St. Joseph University in Lebanon (USJ).
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Lina Al Khoury, MA

Life Coach
Lina is a personal and professional life coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF)...
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Miriam Slikhanian, MSc

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Miriam Slikhanian is a licensed adult clinical psychologist and cognitive behavioral therapist. ...
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Rita Maydaa, MA

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Rita is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Heal...
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Lana Toufaili, MA

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Lana Toufaili is a licensed adolescent and adult clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.
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Noura Sahili, MSc

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Noura Sahili is a licensed child and adolescent psychologist.
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Christelle Elias, MA

Psychomotor Therapist
Christelle Elias is a Psychomotor Therapist. She graduated from the Lebanese University 
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Zainab Assi

Speech & Language Therapist
Zainab Assi is a speech and language therapist who graduated from the Lebanese University
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Sara Issa, MSc

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Sara Issa is a licensed clinical psychologist specialized in children, adolescents, and young adults
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