Insights Therapy Center

We, at Insights Therapy center, are committed to providing a peaceful safe, nurturing and supportive environment where you can reflect, explore and gain insight on distressing areas in your life that you are struggling with.
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25th Floor, West Tower, Bahrain Financial Harbour, Kingdom of Bahrain


Our story began in 2010, when we had graduated as psychotherapists. It was a field we were both highly passionate about and were incredibly excited to begin. We shared a vision of setting up a multidisciplinary practice for mental health and wellness in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Upon commencing our journey, we found that although we were registered and licensed psychotherapists in the UK, the field of psychotherapy was not yet an existing profession in Bahrain. We felt very strongly about the importance of this profession being recognized within the field of health in Bahrain.


Eman Nooruddin

I am a psychotherapist and counselor, specializing in trauma, grief, infidelity, sexuality, chronic...
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Munira Al Shaikh

Founder & Owner - Psychotherapist
Life can get difficult and complex at times—leaving us feeling unsettled and overwhelmed as we’re co...
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Razan Shaheen

Therapy doesn’t have to feel cold, clinical, and like you’re talking to a robot who nods passively....
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Jyoti Bablani

We all experience blinding darkness at some point in our lives, where we lose focus, sense of direct...
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Shireen Omar

I am a licensed Psychologist specialized in Neuropsychology. I am registered with the British Psycho...
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Hanna Al Maskati

MSc, Child Psychologist
I approach therapy from a holistic standpoint, where the client’s mind, body, and energetic se...
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Aisha Fakhro

Counselor and Somatic Educator
I’m a UK-licensed psychotherapist and experienced yoga teacher specialized in working with anx...
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Tessa O’Neil

Life coach
I have worked in a number of different settings including as a teacher, Carer and counselor
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Reema Alajaji

Youth Counsellor
I am a counsellor for adults, teens and children.
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Fares Zubari BA, MSc, MBACP

Person-Centered Practitioner
I work in a Person-Centred way, meaning that I offer a space that is empathetic, accepting, and real...
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Presita Nair

Mental Health Practitioner
I am a UK licensed psychotherapist and a UK licensed Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT)
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Mahmood Ali

Transformation and Empowerment Coach
As a UK Licensed Professional, my aim is to help you tap into your own potential as a human being, w...
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Shaima Aseeri

Breathwork Practitioner and Counselor
  In my practice I use Breathwork combined with other modalities such as CBT, hypnotherapy, bo...
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Sandra Nordenstahl

I have worked with families, couples, teenagers, and adults. Along the years I have periodically vol...
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Nedaa Muqbel

I have a special interest in couples and family therapy, more specifically, emotion-focused therapy
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Angela Daaboul

  As a psychotherapist, I provide you with a safe and judgment-free space where we can explore...
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Aysha Fakhroo

Child and Adolescent Psychologist
I am a licensed psychologist who is passionate about working with young individuals dealing with the...
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Stefan Saing

Youth and Sports Performance Counsellor
I am a UK-licensed psychotherapist and mental health practitioner with a Bachelor’s in Microbi...
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Haya AlDoseri

Child and Adolescent Psychologist
As a Youth Mental Health practitioner, I specialize in understanding and addressing the unique menta...
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Jennifer Cook

Wellness Lifestyle Coach
As an educator and wellness professional, I have been teaching clients effective and research-based...
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Aleena Fawad

Psychological and Educational Wellbeing Practitioner
I am a UK accredited practitioner with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UCL in London.
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